Cosmic Sol has moved.

A Word From Ningba

As many of you may know, the avatar Afrodeity Stone has been cancelled in this reality by I, the holder of its title and rights.  While occupying that avatar I was able to achieve many great spiritual feats and reach spiritual heights that I never thought I would reach. 


On my journey to Ningba I have influenced thousands of people and I have selectively taught and mentored hundreds if not more.  Yet, I would be amiss not to mention the fact that I too have been influenced by teachers along the way.  Many of whom I have had the pleasure of sharing knowledge and exchanging spiritual gems with in this lifetime and hopefully the next.

"What started out as a journey to study my Mtdna ancestry and history from Yourubaland and Benin, turned into one of the most spiritual enlightening periods in my life that spanned across an entire decade. I sought to immerse myself deep into the spiritual practices they held, and I did,  and I am forever grateful for the lessons that I've learned. 


Now my path is taking me into my Ydna where we find Bantu, Xhoisan and Pygmie, where the spiritual concepts and ideas differ vastly.  I can't teach others the value of becoming fully aware of themselves at all levels if I am not willing to deep dive ahead of them.  Going into my father's DNA and my paternal ancestor's spiritual practices just seems like the logical path if I am truly seeking to know myself and fully integrate myself as a powerful spiritual being".

Combining both sides of my ancestry with my esoteric wisdom gives me an edge as a teacher because I have fully integrated myself and am activated to operate fully as a fifth dimensional being, at Will.  I want to help you achieve the same status so that we may enjoy a peaceful, loving and abundant existence that we create together.


My spiritual objective is to teach connection and reintegration of all aspects of the self by first taking you into the knowledge of who YOU are.  Once you have a foundation, the spiritual work begins.  If you walk with me, I will be your guide as you explore the depths of your inner self and become masterful at operating your own spiritual technology.

I will teach you how to have respect for all religions and spiritual paths while maintaining your independence through the power of the knowledge that you obtain for yourself.  By examining as many cultural and spiritual concepts as possible, we open ourselves up to a  more expansive knowledge that will allow us to realign with Divine Wisdom and ultimately, our Truth.

Divine Wisdom teaches us that experience is the best teacher and only a fool refuses to learn.

The spiritual concepts that I teach and promote are holistic in that I combine the knowledge of old with ancient wisdom then add a splash of cosmic and esoteric flare.  I teach through Meditations, Music and Metaphysics.  I have elevated beyond religion, beyond spirituality and now enjoy the Oneness that Is, where every day I live in a world that I create.I draw to me the experiences that I wish to have and banish the ones that I don't.  You can too.

The name has changed but the desire and passion to see my fellow earthly companions succeed in life is just the same if not even more charged than while operating the AS avatar. 

I hope that you will continue this walk with me on the journey to Ningba...the Universe awaits!

See you on the other side....